DHCP mode: DD-WRT Print Modified on: Wed, 20 Dec, 2017 at 5:48 AM We will show you how to turn off the DHCP Server and change your Router's IP address so CUJO can work in DHCP mode.

By default, dd-wrt will hand out via DHCP its own IP as the Gateway. You can specify an alternate one like so: dhcp-option=br0,3,w.x.y.z or dhcp-option=br0,option:router,w.x.y.z A related but different solution is to create a DHCP setting that gives a static IP address to a certain MAC, but with a different Gateway address than the rest. Jun 09, 2015 · All you need is a Static DHCP Lease and your router should assign the same IP to your Xbox, PS4 or computer every time you reboot. DD-WRT DNSMasq Setup and Local DNS - Duration: 18:37 Feb 19, 2019 · DHCP services are on by default on the DD-WRT router. These need to be switched off to prevent interference with the active DHCP/DNS server when the DD-WRT router is added to the network. Switch off the local DHCP server as well as DNSMasq. Under Network Address Server Settings (DHCP), enter the following settings. DHCP Type: DHCP Server DHCP Server: Disabled Use DNSMasq for DHCP: Disabled Use DNSMasq for DNS: Disabled; Click Apply settings; Connect a network cable between the LAN port on Vilfo to the WAN port on your DD-WRT router; Step 2: Changing the DD-WRT router IP in Vilfo

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Basic Setup. In order to configure dd-wrt with OpenDNS you need to specify the OpenDNS DNS servers in the control panel. This can be done in two ways: You can either configure your router to hand out the OpenDNS DNS addresses to your DHCP clients, or you can configure DNSMasq to forward all DNS requests sent to your router to OpenDNS.

Log into the DD-WRT Web GUI Go to the Services tab DHCP Daemon should be enabled If there is no blank slot under "Static Leases", click Add Enter the MAC address of the client interface, the hostname of the machine, and the desired IP address for this machine. How to Set Up Static DHCP So Your Computer’s IP Address Jul 12, 2017 /etc/config/dhcp - DD-WRT The ID dhcp_option here must be with written with an underscore. OpenWrt will translate this to –dhcp-option, with a hyphen, as ultimately used by dnsmasq. Multiple option values can be given for this network-id, with a a space between them and the total string between “”. E.g. '26,1470' or 'option:mtu, 1470' that can assign an MTU per DHCP. DNSMasq as DHCP server - DD-WRT Wiki DD-WRT supports using DNSMasq as a local DNS server. DNSMasq can intelligently add DHCP leases to its DNS database, providing local name lookups for any DHCP client, static or dynamic. udhcpd, the former DHCP server (daemon), is not to be confused with udhcpc, the DHCP client.