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How to remove an account but keep its emails in Outlook? Step 1: Click to open an email folder in the Navigation Pane, which belongs to the email account you will remove later. In my case, I open the folder of Inbox under the Tendoffice@gmail.com. See screen shot: Step 2: Select all email messages in the opened folder with press the Ctrl + A keys at the same time. How To Delete Your Gmail Address Permanently [July 2020] Jul 04, 2020 How to delete an email account in Outlook?

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How to remove an account but keep its emails in Outlook?

Jul 04, 2020

Delete your Gmail service - Computer - Google Account Help If you don't want your Gmail address and emails anymore, you can remove them from your Google Account. Deleting them won't delete your entire Google Account. What happens when you delete your Gmail service. Your emails and mail settings will be deleted. You can no longer use your Gmail address to send or receive email. How to Delete Online Accounts You No Longer Need Jul 03, 2019 How to Quickly Delete Your Gmail Account Permanently Many online accounts use your email account as recovery information and to communicate with you. If you have accounts that are linked to this Gmail address that you are about to delete, you may lose access to those accounts if you ever need to reset your password. Also, you may miss out on important communications from those accounts.