Apr 04, 2004

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Solved: Windows Winsock error 10053 - Splunk Community

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My troubleshoot steps are: Install SAP GUI locally inside the guest VMware that the SAP server is running and test connection to local host; Install SAP GUI in the host that the VMware is running and try connection to localhost or same IP; Install SAP GUI in the vlan to be sure routing and port forwarding is working good with NAT configuration and client/remote access configuration.

Solved: Looking for ideas for troubleshooting a client err Hello community, I am have been troubleshooting a client issue for about 4 days and was looking to see if anyone would have any additional ideas on resolving this. I'll do my best as to help explain and give some background information: Client: Windows 2003 x64 Enterprise with NBU v7.1.0.4 clie Sql Server 2008R2 / Error 10053 + 10054