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Since 1970, the median age of China’s population has continued to increase from around 20 years to around 37 years in 2015. According to estimates from the United Nations, the increasing trend Vancouver group runs newspaper ad praising controversial The national security law China recently imposed on Hong Kong has been widely condemned as an assault on the city’s freedoms. But a major Vancouver group with ties to the Chinese government published an ad in a popular Chinese-Canadian newspaper Friday praising the controversial new legislation — and echoing Beijing’s official line. China - Social, political, and cultural changes | Britannica China - China - Social, political, and cultural changes: The years from the 8th century bce to 221 bce witnessed the painful birth of a unified China. It was a period of bloody wars and also of far-reaching changes in politics, society, and intellectual outlook. The most obvious change in political institutions was that the old feudal structure was replaced by systems of incipient bureaucracy Time Spent with Media, Ad Spending and Trends in China

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Author information: (1)Institute of Mental Health, Beijing University, Beijing, China. OBJECTIVE: To determine the prevalence of dementia and Alzheimer's disease (AD) in rural China. METHODS: A cross-sectional study was conducted within a cohort of adults older than 50 years of age in Linxian County, China. China: Dawn of a Golden Age, 200–750 A.D

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China History 1837 CCE - timemaps.com The Yellow river region of China is now ruled by the Shang dynasty (1766-1122 BCE). The Shang Dynasty. Under the Shang, Chinese Bronze Age civilization fully emerges into the light of history. The first real cities of ancient East Asia, with tens of thousands of inhabitants, have appeared here. Chinese bronzes | metalwork | Britannica Chinese bronzes, any of a number of bronze objects that were cast in China beginning before 1500 bce. Bronzes have been cast in China for about 3,700 years. Most bronzes of about 1500–300 bce, roughly the Bronze Age in China, may be described as ritual vessels intended for the worship of ancestors,